in between the city and the stadiums

Diploma thesis led by Ivan Kroupa and Jana Moravcová


honourable mention – Czech Chamber of Architects​

The following thesis examines an area which lays next to the edge of the historical city centre of Olomouc – an area „In between the city and the stadiums“. The location is understood as being a part of discontinuous ring of the citys‘ inner peripheries which are considered as places of lost opportunities. 

The aim is to grasp these opportunities and define them at the chosen area „amidst stadiums“.  The chosen goal is in accord with the endeavour of partially turning away attention from the historical core in favor of the historical peripheries, those being the open wounds in the structure of the city.

This work further aims to create a distance, an ideal image, a vision and a concept of a plan based upon historical qualities proven by the time – a contrast to the fragmentary approach, which is being applied to these areas today. 

The theoretical part of thesis deals with the image of the city, which serves as a cornerstone of the proposal. Theoretical part considers the thesis that the image of the city of Olomouc consists of three main phenomena – Fortress, Gardens and Sitte. 

The work introduces a dual approach, where the territory is being looked upon from two different levels, in two scales – from the viewpoint of the city and the house. The „house viewpoint“ is being represented by the proposal of a reconstruction of the controversial building  an ice-hockey arena, which serves as one of the significant objects of the whole area.