community centre

with Mikuláš Novotný, Petr Bureš, Jana Moravcová

Extension, refurbishment and conversion of Movie theatre to a community centre with library. 
Competition task embraces an area which lays on the edge of the historical city Centre of Horazdovice – an area which used to be an important medieval intersection of trade routes. Nowadays the historical importance, purpose and reason are gone. In the seventies major cornerstones of the place were demolished and in the middle of area a new standardized movie theatre was build – building which doesn’t respect any spatial qualities of an area where it stands. 
Nowadays the place became just a regular traffic crossroad without any higher purpose. But the trace of historical buildings is still apparent and present.  

The aim is to grasp these spatial qualities and organize them. Our purpose is to articulate a medieval trace of buildings structure - to rebuild the fragments of original walls. These new low walls will define a diverse character of public spaces - we call the “gardens”. The main volume of extension of former movie theatre is placed in the middle of these gardens. It is a light, transparent and very abstract pavilion surrounded by various atmospheres defined by very concrete trace of history.