moravian theatre workshops

with Mikuláš Novotný

We were comissioned to create a study of workshops for sets and costumes for an institution of the Moravian theatre based in the city of Olomouc. The part of the project is also a sizable warehouse and a community workshop, focusing on arts and crafts related to a theatre.

The urbanism of the project is mainly defined by a scale of a surrounding buildings, a size of the plot and a necessary operational paved surface, serving to the workshops, but also to allow supplying adjacent supermarket. We decided to keep an old brick and concrete building, which we turned into a warehouse we just add a new saddle roof and bricked a new gable. The result is a dignified building with a form and proportions reminding of an Ancient temple. This form is repeated also in the new building. The tension in between them comes out of the material and construction. The old one as a massive and heavy and the new one as a soft and light.